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My Story

For many years doing nails, facials, and makeup, whenever a client complained of an ailment or beauty concern, I was always ready to suggest a natural remedy. Without realizing it at the time, I was following in my grandmother’s footsteps. A natural healer, Mamanjoon had inherited her recipes and gifts from a long line of wise women before her. Mamanjoon was both an extraordinary healer and expert in natural beauty therapies, concocting all sorts of time-tested potions to rejuvenate a youthful appearance. Fortunately, I feel her abilities were passed down to me in my DNA. I was an alchemist from a young age. As a child, I would mix ingredients to see what concoctions I could come up with. I remember in 1983 when I opened my first salon in New York on East 65th Street. I started making one of her recipes at home and pouring it into antique Egyptian-looking bottles. It was an old recipe made from cucumbers and glycerin that is a great whitening, softening and spot-removing hand lotion. I couldn’t wait for my clients to try it. And they loved it. Filled with fresh botanicals, it worked better than any of the dead products found on the market. It was a natural evolution that I soon developed my own line of organic nail treatments and polishes, which became well known to beauty editors and my celebrity clientele. Over the years, as I continued to dole out Mamanjoon’s prescriptions, recipes, and teas, my grateful clients would admonish me to write a book and share her secrets with everyone. So after many years of hearing that over and over again, I finally sat down to tell the story of Mamanjoon and share her secrets before they are lost forever.

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