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What we need to know about cinnamon

Thanksgiving and Christmas meals might well become tasteless and definitely less fragrant without our beloved Cinnamon.

Did you know wthere was a time that Cinnamon was more valuable than gold.

Cinnamon is one of the world's most popular spices, sprinkled on lattes, boiled with ciders and enjoyed in numerous dishes.

There are two basic types of cinnamon. Ceylon, or Cinnamomum verum, is grown in Sri Lanka. C. cassia, C. Loureiro and C. burmannii, communally known as cassia, are widely produced in China and Indonesia. Cassia has the stronger flavor and odor of the two and, due to its much lower cost, is what we buy in the store to sprinkle on our food.

But it's the more expensive Ceylon version, with a milder, sweeter flavor, that might be the best for your health.

Harvested from the inner bark of a tropical evergreen plant, cinnamon has been used in Iran & Ayurvedic medicine to treat respiratory and digestive problems as well as so many other beneficial remedies , for centuries. Ancient Egyptians used cinnamon as a perfume during the embalming process, while Romans used it in funeral pyres to mask the stench of burning flesh.

The Bible mentions cinnamon several times, most commonly as a way to perfume bedding, clothes and anointing oil. The essential oil form is made from the bark, leaves or twigs of the plant.

beneficial Ancient spice Cinnamon

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