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Turmeric Super Food

Get your dark greens an organic herbal medicine! This smoothie keeps you full for hours and gives you a boost of energy from all of the pure goodness blended in there. Turmeric boosts immunity and helps to lessen natural remedies.. always a plus when a smoothie goes that extra mile for your body, a natural herbal remedy.Enjoy!

Servings: 2


1 Cup. packed spinach
¾ Cup. chopped pineapple
½ Tsp. turmeric extract
1 Cup. coconut nectar
½ Cup. chopped cucumber
1 whole lime with rind removed

Items that can also be added, if desired: Living Silica, MSM Powder, Fulvic Acid, Ionic Magnesium

INSTRUCTIONS: Prep all of your ingredients and then add the most fibrous items first, blend a bit to get them broken down, then add the rest and blend until you reach the desired consistency. you can split this home remedy in half and save some for a midday snack!

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