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Inspiration For Manifastation Of This Book

I just submitted the article below to be published in December 2018 edition of the NYC Persian Center magazine.

I am frequently asked what was my inspiration and reason for writing this book, that took three and half years to manifest into colorful pages filled with ancient wisdom from my Persian culture? My inspiration was the many people that came on my daily path, who were thirsty, looking for alternative ways to keep their body & mind fit and healthy as well as a few who were in a battle with life and death or experiencing major health issues.

Since childhood, I have had a deep passion and desire to share my love and knowledge with others freely and to be of service.

Ever since I remember I had a thirst to learn, especially on the subject of health of mind and body, and the deep spiritual esoteric knowledge. Thus I devoured books and articles on varied subjects and took many courses over the years.

A few years ago upon moving to Sarasota Florida from New York City, I had a sudden flash, like a short movie that played before my eyes as though I was already seeing the finished book, and there the idea was born. I should write a book that shares my Mamanjoons Remedies. At the same time, I felt the time was ripe, I knew there was a need for these natural remedies, as I was also influenced by the many people that I came in to contact with in my day to day job as an esthetician. People who were questioning western medicine, the kind of foods that were being sold in our supermarkets, restaurants, aware of the toxic quality of the air and water we were breathing and drinking. I myself was aware of the overwhelming toxins in our skies, our air, and water, with the surrounding ads as a constant reminder of genetically modified foods in our marketplace. Hence I was infused with Passion and energy to be disciplined and take pen to paper. To give birth and share the wisdom of Mamanjoon that extends to the wise women who came before her, pioneers who passed recipes down from one woman to another through generations. My published and illustrated book continues the chain, ensuring the known remedies are preserved, not lost, and spreading them from Ancient Persia to you

These recipes are a small part of Persian history that started thousands of years ago, So I dedicate this book to Mamanjoon’s legacy, to all the people I love and to those many people who can benefit from the use of her wisdom to reap and gain health and beauty.

I owe a debt of gratitude to people who have been my life teachers along the way, who have supported me in every step of my evolution and encouraged me to share my grandmother’s wisdom and heritage.)

This Book of Natural Remedies

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