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Mamanjoon's Secret Potions BOOK



I became an active alternative healer by accident 20 years ago, when both of my children were diagnosed by the medical community with an ‘incurable’ illness. As their mother, I of course immediately rededicated my life to studying all possible solutions.

During my journey into alternative medicine, I tried very many approaches, often with minimal results. However, after years of searching, I was able to find solutions for healing my children and have been able to help many others as well.

I met Firozé quite a few years ago and a large part of our connection was the shared joint passion for alternative means for healing. As I learned the history of Firozé’s grandmother’s body of work, I was full of admiration and respect. Firozé graciously shared some of the recipes with me, especially when I was taking care of my mother who was on a rapid decline.

My mother had a pulmonary embolism, which left five blood clots lodged in her lungs causing continual coughing and difficulty breathing. She was in agony as she couldn’t sleep, had continual incontinence from coughing and [she] was so sore. I had an exceptional relationship with Mom’s doctor, Dr. Dean Smith, in Myrtle Beach, SC. He was actually open to our alternative healing practices and called me to ask if I had anything to help Mom as the normal medical practices were not working.

I did not have a solution so I called Firozé and she gave me a recipe for removing blood clots from the lungs, which also had the ability to stop the coughing. I made it immediately and Mom was taking it every hour initially. Amazingly, after only a few days her coughing started to diminish and we continued treatment for the next few weeks until it actually stopped as the blood clots dissolved. Dr. Smith was amazed and I even gave him the recipe, as he is a believer. By Dawn Longhi

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