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Alkaline Water


To Remove Toxins Airploutants, Nanites.

(1 gallon per day per adult)

· 1 Gallon Reverse-Osmosis Water (for god’s sake don’t keep drinking the tap water with fluoride in it) · 3 Crushed and Zested Whole Lemons (drink the seeds) · 1 ½ TBS *Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt (this carries the secret of crystal-carbon in its makeup, and is extremely high in frequency and healthy for the body) · 3-5 Drops Lugol’s 2% Iodine (2-3 for women or children, 4-5 for men. Always chose the higher number if you live above the equator where the Fukushima radiation is freely giving that half of the world cancer) · 12,000MG (Not 1200) Vitamin C (can be Elderberry syrup or powdered or liquefied ascorbic acid) · 1 ½ ounces of organic (Braggs for example) Apple Cider Vinegar

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