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The Magic of Banana Peels

Scrapes and Scratches Rub a banana peel on small cuts or scratches to promote healing. Splinters The enzymes help dislodge the splinter and can help kick-start the healing process if you tape a piece of the peel over a splinter for a couple hours.

Acne A banana peel can soothe the inflammation and irritation of acne. It also helps to prevent future outbreaks. Rub a peel over the acne every night. You should see a positive change within a few days.

Psoriasis Once or twice a day rub a banana peel on a psoriasis-affected area. Bananas have properties to reduce itchiness, moisturize and heal psoriasis.

Rashes and Itches Banana peel is good for relieving itch and promotes healing of such conditions as poison ivy, mild rashes, dry skin, irritated skin. and sunburn. Rub the peel over affected area twice daily until it is gone.

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