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Many people have an issue with eczema either on certain parts of their body or all over. Eczema is related to the immune system and is often due to nerve and liver congestion. 1 Teaspoon Sedr powder 1 Tablespoon filtered water 1 Tablespoon coconut water Mix Into a paste and brush on evenly with a kabuki or fan brush. Cover the troubled area and leave it for an hour, then rinse off with cool water. For people with severe afflictions paint the affected areas in the shower and wash off in an hour. Perform this regimen at least 3 times a week. Sedr (organic Zizyphus Spina-Christi) is derived from a wild fruit tree called jujube, an evergreen native to Iran, Africa and southern and western Asia. it is revered as a sacred tree. The ripe fruits are edible and the flowers are an important source of honey. The leaves are dried and made into a green powder. Sedr is filled with antioxidants and many more attributes. Sedr powder has also been used in Iran for hundreds of years to cleanse and condition hair, adding thickness and protecting hair from the elements. Some recent studies even indicate the promotion of hair growth with the use of sedr.

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