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Ginger has been used and known as a powerful healer for thousands of years in Iran and far east. In the last decade there have been studies conducted and have found ginger to be one of the most potent natural healers, and has many different uses. But did you know how it is effective and powerful when it comes to cancer treatment? One study, conducted by the University of Georgia found ginger extract was able to reduce the size of prostate cancer by 56% in mice. In addition to its effects on cancer, ginger was able to reduce inflammation and provide mice with an antioxidant that improves the quality of life. Many thought Alpinia galanga – Ginger’s Hot, Peppery Cousin, has the most powerful effect on cancer, but recent studies suggest that his cousin, ginger is just as strong, if not more. Not only that, they found more effective Ginger certain drugs to kill cancer cells. This new study found ginger pungent ingredient known as 6-Shogaol was very active when it came to anti-cancer behavior. The root element is generated when dry or cooked. But there is something very specific about the 6-Shogaol making it more effective chemotherapy.

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