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Mamanjoon's Secret Potions


Who doesn't want to know about grandmother's secret potions?!

Right around the corner of Halloween, join us at New York Persian Center for an eerie night of discussion with the author on October 29th, 2018 at 6:30 pm. Get your book signed and ask about the secret potions.

“Mamanjoon’s Secret Potions” is a book of ancestral, natural remedies originating in Iran, and passed down to the author from her grandmother. The remedies offer accessible solutions to common ailments, and the book is peppered with tales of instances where they were used. “Mamanjoon’s Secret Potions” is the kind of book that makes one rather grateful for the written word, and all it can do in terms of preservation of culture and memory. The act of writing down these recipes and “potions” is a deliberate effort to preserve physical Persian history, ensuring that its jewels survive for future generations regardless of the political ebb and flow that may come.

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