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Many women young and old suffer from night sweats and hot flashes Different women experience different mixes of symptoms, depending mostly on hormonal makeup and lifestyle High percentage of women experience them within the first year or two of menopause. now we have a cure!

Ingredients needed

7 Tablespoon of Raw Honey or Manuka honey 1 Tablespoon licorice Root powder , 2 Tablespoon of turmeric 4 Tablespoon of Coconut oil 2 Tablespoon fresh cherry juice 1 Teaspoon of fresh organic lemon juice

Method of preparation:

Add turmeric and Licorice powder in raw or Manuka honey, mix slowly then add coconut oil and last fresh lemon juice and then cherry juice. Mix well and place the mixture in a jar., leave for 24 hrs in room temperature. take a teaspoon ...3 times a day

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